Wednesday, May 24, 2006

fantasy eruption


Blogger c0dec said...

ah! omo wetn be this?

5:53 PM  
Blogger Chukky Eboka said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Chukky Eboka said...

okay ify i came here from your post on my blog and well it was empty so i cant even say i was disappointed. i dont know who you are but you talk like u know me. well i had an option to be really nasty but i wont. my blog happens to be my personal space. its for me to express my opinions and send to a select number of my friends. you are definitely not one of them so i'd advise you that when u want to commment on someone else's blog u should do it constructively. only the intellectually impaired resort to outright insults. i get a lot of bashing on my blog cos i'm weird and i love to shock people and i usually do not delete any comments but i'm going to delete yours because i find it to be extremely myopic and uninformed.
try not trying to shut people up on their own blogs to which you were uninvited. you pass off as pretty uncouth.
"enuff said, you should delete this blog. all the posts are shyte. "
if you cant get your limited intellect around my views and opinions or u simply dont agree with them then state your opinions nasty as they may be but try not to make stupid sweeping statements like the one above

5:06 PM  
Blogger Chukky Eboka said...

ok i get it. i guess maybe i'd always known.
1. you never made an official comment on my blog stating what exactly your adversity was. you just started with the bashing, personal vendetta and anti-chukky movement so its obvious.
2. this blog is empty.
so i can infer two things
we really have met or maybe i posted some cynical comment on your real blog and since we know each other you didnt want to come outright and so you rregistered this fake ass blog so you could use it as a front for your anti-chukky bullshit.COWARD
i know it cant be just the posts on my blog that got you mad, because you have something really deeply eating you up inside so come out be brave for once and tell me, maybe i'll apologize, i really am a nice guy, self righteous , yes , but a nice guy nonetheless. but like i said , i'm king of my world and i can do WTF i want, so i'll not avail you the opportunity settle your personal grudges on my blog. you need to get on with your life and stop nursing a hard on for chukky. its just a fucking blog. go out, have fun, ride a bike, have sex. you need it.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Chukky Eboka said...

well i knew it just wasnt the post about the muslims...come on, dis love thang sef, thats past issue. all the people concerned have seen it, read it , got angry and forgiven me ages ago..(yeah they on my blog list , and you still angry with me?) who are you and we met in benin? that means you know me personally and so you know i'm not really mean. what did i say in benin? hey help me out here, give me a name at least. and hey for the record, i'm not ever going to apologize for anything i wrote , but if it rubbed you the wrong way, then i'm sorry. Friends????

4:04 PM  
Blogger Chukky Eboka said...

i'll give it to you, you're fucking tenacious but pretty darn stupid nonetheless. dont you get it? i write my posts to be as shocking as there are because i want to hear what the world has to say on these issues. moderation is only so some stupid bitch with nothing better to do than settle a grudge doesnt post on my blog. oops i'm sorry, that'll be you. i tried to be nice and i tried to be friendly, cos i'm a really nice guy and anyone with half a brain would have called a truce by now, but you!! hah!!. send me all the mails u want, just gonna delete em without reading cos u got nothing to say. GET A LIFE

5:31 PM  
Blogger azuka said...

What's the deal with Chxta? Is someone in love?

6:20 PM  

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